Times are changing in Buena Park, and our city needs a fresh, innovative voice to confidently – and finally – lead it into the 21st century. I am running for Buena Park City Council, District 2, because I believe we deserve a positive and effective representative who will address the needs of our diverse neighborhoods, now and for years to come — I am ready to bring this leadership to City Hall.

Growing up in a family of working-class Panamanian immigrants, Irish sheet metal workers, and Vietnamese refugees, I appreciate and embrace the cultural diversity that exists in our community. With my grandparents being veterans, I was taught that it is a privilege to be an American, and with my own personal experiences, I can more effectively serve our increasingly multicultural city and its residents.

I currently serve our community as Vice-Chair of our local school district’s bond Oversight Committee, where I supported a local hire agreement that guarantees priority to construction project jobs to Buena Park residents. In addition to being educated in environmental science and my work experience educating children with autism, I have volunteered extensively at the OCTA and CHOC Hospital.

As Councilman, I will work to bring innovative improvements to neighborhood parking, expand our city’s home improvement loan program, renegotiate utility rates, build mini-parks and renovate existing parks, implement policies to protect renters, combat the drug use epidemic by forming a local coalition, and protect our neighborhoods by addressing the homelessness crisis.

I am grateful to be endorsed by many Buena Park residents and public servants that include Buena Park Mayor Pro Tem Art Brown, School District Bond Oversight Chair Luis “Jerry” Flores, former High School District President Jordan Brandman, and current Elementary School District Trustees Elizabeth Gonzalez, Arturo Montez, and Connor Traut.

I ask for your support of my campaign to serve as your next City Council Member.

Paid for by Ian J. Macdonald for Buena Park City Council, District 2, 2018 – FPPC ID# 1407132